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With a reputation built on more than a century of culinary excellence, our gourmet markets are recognized for their commitment to quality.

We travel the world in pursuit of the best for our markets, enjoying some of the finest food and drink along the way.  When we’re home, a well-chosen bottle will often transport us to the amazing places that we have visited and the remarkable meals that we have shared.

It is with that same spirit of refinement and reminiscence that we have curated our collection of fine wines, artisanal spirits, and craft beers — so that you, too, can take pleasure in memorable meals and meaningful experiences.

Visit us, find the perfect pairing, and be connected with a gourmet tradition more than one hundred years in the making.

We offer:

  • Fine Wines
  • Craft Spirits
  • Imported & Domestic Craft Beer
  • Rare Wine Room
  • Daily Tastings
  • Expert Demos
  • Special Orders
  • Wine Classes
  • Parties & Catering
  • Cellar Evaluations
  • Expert Staff
  • Delivery & Shipping Options Available
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Fine Wines

We are relentless in our pursuit of the best. Check back often; exceptional new items are arriving in our store on a daily basis.

Rare Wine Room

Step into our personal cellar of rare and hard-to-find items for access to some of the most dazzling finds in wines and spirits.

Daily Tastings

Raise a glass with us! We’re pouring a fantastic selection of wines & spirits from our tasting table, every day from noon to close.

Meet Our Team

Joe Gurrera
To say that owner, Joe Gurrera, is passionate about fantastic food and wine would be an incredible understatement. A natural-born entrepreneur, he purchased Citarella in 1983 (while he was still in his early 20’s) transforming the once stand-alone seafood shop into a gourmet hotspot with 7 locations — the newest of which boasts our first and only wine shop: Citarella Wines & Spirits in Greenwich, Connecticut.

A believer that wine pairing depends more on seasonality and dining atmosphere than what’s on your plate, he’ll drink a wide variety of reds with seafood but draws the line when it comes to steak. To pair red meat and white wine would be a “mortal sin”; steak and red wine pair perfectly!

Driven by a commitment to excellence and a love for great wine, Joe is actively engaged with the wine shop — he even designed the store shelves himself after seeing something similar on a trip to Verona, Italy.


Hours of Operation:
Monday to Saturday 10 am to 8 pm
Sunday 10 am to 6 pm